34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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Oscar Byström // Sweden // 2017 // 12:00 min

Live Action

There is a mysterious curfew in Sweden in the mid 90's. Anna, 17 years old, is told by her parents not to leave the house during the evening hours, which she also doesn’t intend to do. But when youth love comes into the picture it gets hard to see right from wrong.

Actor: Felicia Selin, Emanuel Nyström, Saga Eserstam, Niklas Larsson Lirell

Screenplay: Elias Bergkvist, Oscar Byström

Director of Photography: Elias Bergkvist

Score: Fredrik Hasselgren

Producer: Sandra Norman

Director: Oscar Byström

Sales Agent: Sandra Norman

Editor: Oscar Byström

Sound Design: Niklas Viklund

Sound Mixing: Niklas Viklund

Special Effects: Oskar Lundmark

Sound Editing: Niklas Viklund

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