34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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Sinking of the truth

Sinking of the truth

Marie Jose St. Pierre / Sander Joon / Tobias Gundorff / Wiep Teeuwisse / Denis Chapon / Philip Piaget / Tynesha Forman // Denmark // 2018 // 07:30 min


It seems like you could sell anything as the truth in these times of "fake news". This film uses experimental animation in several different ways to address the topic.

Animation: Anidox collective

Screenplay: Anidox collective

Director of Photography: Anidox collective

Score: Anidox collective

Producer: Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot

Director: Marie Jose St. Pierre, Sander Joon, Tobias Gundorff, Wiep Teeuwisse, Denis Chapon, Philip Piaget, Tynesha Forman

Sales Agent: Michelle Kranot

Editor: Anidox collective

Sound Design: Amos Cappuccio

Sound Mixing: Amos Cappuccio

Art Design: Anidox collective

Special Effects: Anidox collective

Sound Editing: Amos Cappuccio

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Reality Bites

20.11.18, 19:30h, Zeiss-Großplanetarium Kino

22.11.18, 21:00h, Volksbühne 3. Stock