34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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Strange Cargo

Strange Cargo

Auguste Denis / Emmanuelle Duplan / Valentin Machu / Mélanie Riesen // France // 2017 // 06:00 min


Every day, Ned lives, works, eats and sleeps on his cargo ship. One day, he runs out of food. In order not to starve, he must step out of his comfortable routine.

Animation: Auguste Denis, Valentin Machu

Screenplay: Auguste Denis, Emmanuelle Duplan, Vale

Score: Maureen Gaucher

Producer: Franck Petitta

Director: Auguste Denis, Emmanuelle Duplan, Valentin Machu, Mélanie Riesen

Sales Agent: Mikhal Bak

Editor: Auguste Denis

Special Effects: Auguste Denis, Mélanie Riesen

Sound Editing: Olivier Michelot

The film is shown in the following programs

Green Film Competition

They Live!

21.11.18, 19:30h, Zeiss-Großplanetarium Kino

23.11.18, 15:00h, Babylon 2