34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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The Call

Anca Damian // Romania, France // 2018 // 10:00 min


The filmmaker paints a witty and absurd, yet loving, collage of the relationship to his mother.

Animation: Sergiu Negulici

Screenplay: Anca Damian

Producer: Anca Damian

Director: Anca Damian

Sales Agent: Anca Damian

Sound Design: Clement Badin

Sound Mixing: Lionel Kerjean

Voice Over: Vlad Ivanov

Sound Editing: Clement Badin

The film is shown in the following programs

International Competition

Strange Stories

21.11.18, 21:30h, Babylon 1

23.11.18, 15:30h, Babylon 1

24.11.18, 19:00h, ACUD Kino