34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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International Competition

IC 04 Strange Stories

If you have a penchant for “odd” things, you’re in the right place. Surrealistic stories, some of which will even send shivers down your spine, are paired with off-key notes, colors, and details. Moviegoers with wonderful imaginations will enjoy these films bursting at their seams with creative ideas: a sunken city, an alien with a fear of commitment, and a soldier returning from the war with a turbine in his face. This atmospheric staging of events takes us on a humorous, melancholic and sometimes depressing journey into their bizarre worlds.

21.11.18, 21:30h, Babylon 1

23.11.18, 15:30h, Babylon 1

24.11.18, 19:00h, ACUD Kino

Strange Stories
8 films