34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
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Berliner Pilsner presents:


EJ eject _XXI - The long night of weird shorts

Once again we convene in the holy halls of the Volksbühne to take part in a grassroots democratic vote for the weirdest, most peculiar film with nearly 110 minutes of hardcore film action. The audience will receive handy tools on admission that they can use to determine which short films will survive the night. Diehard eject_XXI fans will also be there, patiently guiding us through the night. Only one film can take home an award in the end, but no one leaves the movie theater with empty hands!

For the squeamish and sensitive minds we recommend Netflix & Chill that evening, because we’ll be celebrating with an orgy of colors on our screen. This trip into the dark will leave us all shriveled up in the bathtub and have us ignore table manners at a meal and quench Little Red Riding Hood’s insatiable thirst for grandmothers. We will also take dreamy trips to Dreamland, have encounters with senseless walls separating us from our neighbors, and experience the birth of an anti-vegan ground beef. And remember to always smile and don’t forget about the occult.

Afterwards we go to the Roter Salon for an ecstatic and wild night of dancing. We will be outfitted with origami materials courtesy of BAMBAMBHOLE and there might even be a free beer or two courtesy of this year’s award sponsor!?! Winky face smiley

The program is presented by Berliner Pilsner.
Special thanks to our Sponsor Bambambhole.

23.11.18, 22:00h, Volksbühne

eject_XXI - Die lange Nacht des abwegigen Films
22 films