34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
Program / Sections

Extended Vision

Since the early days of cinema, the latest in technology has regularly been used in an attempt to make the viewing experience ever more impressive. It all started with adding sound to the film experience, followed by color—and continually changing image formats. Larger, louder, more tangible—the film jumps off the screen and forces the viewer to vacate their cozy chair since the invention of 3D and virtual reality.

INTERFILM has spent the last few years observing these developments in technology, and with the widespread popularity of 3D and the improved feasibility of VR, we try to make the two formats more accessible in innovative ways:

3D BODY TALK sets in motion our experience of the third dimension. Minimalist gestures or expressive dynamics are explored in the larger context. Dance is one thing above all others: resistance against momentariness, whether a choreographic surface or a substantial performance.

VIRTUAL NIGHTMARES – VR HORROR MEETS FULLDOME elevates the horror film, which is already a highly visual genre and makes it come even more alive. It tears the viewer away from their comfort zone and toys around with our perspective and those of its protagonists, making us wonder who is actually watching—especially when it gets scary all around you in this spectacular program.

With the kind support of Dark Corner Studios, Filmfest 3D Courant