34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
Program / Sections

German Competition

Where do short films in Germany find their inspiration? The GERMAN COMPETITION once again offers insights into the latest happenings in the world of short films in Germany. And the results are just as diverse as the country itself. A wide variety of people and their fates flash before our eyes on the big screen in four different programs. The stories that these families, friends, and even strangers reveal are intimate and will get under your skin. The manner in which these films touch us always remains stunning. They often address typical omnipresent German concepts such as weltschmerz and fear, which are then interwoven in the extraordinary narratives.

Due to social developments and changes the program GAME CHANGER tells about the moments in life where everything suddenly changes—moments when a boundary is crossed, when the scent of freedom has permeated the system and there’s no turning back. The topics in POINT OF FEAR focus on different occurrences of fear and allow the audience to immerse themselves into this feeling, while they are drawn into the camera’s wake and even manipulated at times. The third program deals with WELTSCHMERZ & ZEITGEIST and spotlights special fates. And finally THE WILD 30 brings you films exceeding the 20-minute limit, but they’re just so compelling that we had to keep them in.

With the kind support of D-Facto Motion, Spindler&Klatt, 25p Cine Support, FBW – Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung

4 programs

Game Changer

GC 01 Game Changer


22.11.18, 15:00h, Babylon 2

23.11.18, 18:00h, Rollberg Kino

24.11.18, 17:30h, Babylon 1

Point of Fear

GC 02 Point of Fear


21.11.18, 19:00h, Babylon 2

22.11.18, 21:30h, Babylon 1

24.11.18, 17:00h, ACUD Kino

Weltschmerz & Zeitgeist

GC 03 Weltschmerz & Zeitgeist


22.11.18, 19:00h, Babylon 2

23.11.18, 17:00h, ACUD Kino

25.11.18, 19:30h, Babylon 1

The Wild 30

GC 04 The Wild 30


22.11.18, 19:00h, ACUD Kino

24.11.18, 18:00h, Babylon 3

25.11.18, 15:00h, Babylon 2