34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
Script Pitch 2018

Script Pitch 2018 - interfilm's international competition for short scripts

The selected finalists

The winner of this year's Script Pitch Award 2018 is Polen Ly from Combodia with his screenplay "Daily Ink".
The Script Pitch Mention goes to Marianne Lentz from Denmark with her screenplay "Release".

We are happy to present this year's selected finalists of interfilm's Script Lab and Script Pitch:

Aleksandra Lazarovski / Serbia / "Zvezdana"
Britt Raes / Belgium / "Neko & Sue"
Franka Sachse / Germany / "The Strange Geometry of Love"
Jamie Delaney / Ireland / "Biscuits"
Marianne Lentz / Denmark / "Release"
Nadya Todorova / Bulgaria / "Slamming Doors"
Polen Ly / Cambodia / "Daily Ink"
Summer Agnew / New Zealand / "The Daughter"

Read more about the finalists and their projects here.

About the scripts

In ZVEZDANA, a young Serb strolls through downtown Belgrade in an attempt to grasp the course of life. She had just been offered a ride by a Bosnian man in a lovingly equipped truck. “I could drive forever,” they both state together. In contrast to verbally expressing thoughts, in NEKO & SUE, the images create new perspectives. What would happen if people were tiny and became “pets”? If they were to naively look for closeness in animals, always ignorant whether they are accepted or not. Just as intuitively, three young people in THE STRANGE GEOMETRY OF LOVE meet daily on the bus. They try to interpret from the slightest of gestures whether or not their feelings are reciprocated. Who loves whom? In BISCUIT, gestures become statements at the crossroads of Christian marriage and homosexuality, leading to a moral crossfire. But is there a right and a wrong? The same question lingers on an island in DAILY INK where people are blindly led by preconceived notions until a young woman brings true news to light. In RELEASE, the truth weighs heavily when Johanne realizes that she can’t be a mother to her daughter every moment of her mental illness, despite trying to do it so lovingly. And similarly, there is Freddie, who in THE DAUGHTER goes on a search for the daughter he abandoned. The accidental encounter with Eloise, a telephone sex worker, becomes a necessary journey into the past of both people. In SLAMMING DOORS, it’s the chance encounter in front of a locked front door that leads to a wild battle of words and finally to new decisions in life. Eight stories show once more that it is necessary to overcome hurdles, to bolster oneself, to show understanding, and above all to know oneself in order to be ready for more openness, kindness, and curiosity in dealing with one another in this world.


In addition to the Script Pitch competition all participants are provided with a three-days Script Lab and a pitch training to accompany the competition from 21st November until 24th November 2018. In the frame of the practical and stimulating workshop programme the selected finalists will take part in both a seminar on script development to sharpen the participants’ creative skills with writer filmmaker Marijana Verhoef (SRB) as well as writer and actress Julia Penner (DE) and a pitch training to evaluate the live performance of each contestant by script consultant and coach Gabriele Brunnenmeyer (DE). Actress and trainer Andrea Schwemmer (DE) coaches the participants in their public appearance, body awareness and explores breath techniques on stage.

20.11. / 10 am - 4 pm / Script Consulting (non-public)
21.11. / 10 am - 4 pm / Script Delevopment & Voice & Body Awareness (non-public)
22.11. / 10 am - 1 pm / Script Develeopment 2 pm - 7 pm / One-to-One with Jan Harlan (non-public)
23.11. / 10 am - 4 pm / Pitch Training (non-public)
24.11. / 11 am - 1 pm / Script Pitch (public)

Script Pitch participants will be given the opportunity to meet international filmmakers, writers and industry experts at exclusive networking events at the International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin.

On 24th November 2018 the eight finalists will have 5 minutes to present their projects and convince the international jury of their idea.

The event will be held in English and is aimed at industry guests. Please register via interforum@interfilm.de.


General inquiries

Nele Luise Fritzsche
Artistic Director Script Pitch & Script Lab