Program 2019

These are the programs, competitions and events we plan for our festival in November.

30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall

With Kulturprojekte Berlin interfilm curated 6 thematical shorfilm programs
for the 30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and fall of the Wall.

The Whole of the Moon

Meisterstein und Kleine celebrate 50 years of landing on the moon. That will be lots of fun.

Eyes Wide Open

Online Competition 2019 about social justice and environment. It starts 1 Oktober 2019.

Accommodation sought!

We are looking for Berliners to accommodate filmmakers. Of course there is a thank you!

Being a Volunteer!

Interested in films and festivals?! Become a volunteer! From November 03-11, 2019 at INTERFILM and KUKI Festival!

Accreditation is open!

Industry representatives can apply for a festival accreditation.

Other news

More news from our festival.