35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019

Ava - Enjoy short films online now!

60 festival films and much more, now free to enjoy with Ava!

Finally the time has come! In cooperation with VÖBB and Reelport, interfilm is once again bringing short films to Berlin's libraries. Or more accurately: to their digital collections. AVA - Audio Visual Access is the name of the project which makes a selection of interfilm festival films available online for all library card holders, via library services. You can find a total of 60 films from the festival's official selection and interfilm’s distribution in the mix alongside feature films! An abundance of great filmmaking available in one place - and the best news is:

It’s completely free for all library-card holders!

So: Check it out now and enjoy an amazing selection of films that are normally only seen at international festivals. Right from the comfort of your own cosy couch: voebb.ava.watch/selection/interfilm-collection