35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019

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Die besonderen Fähigkeiten des Herrn Mahler

Die besonderen Fähigkeiten des Herrn Mahler

The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler

Paul Phillipp // Germany // 2017 // 29:00 min

Live Action

East Germany, 1987: The special investigator Mahler is said to have paranormal abilities. The police assigns him to solve the case of the 6-year-old Henry Kiefer, who is missing for weeks now.

Screenplay: Belo Schwarz

Director of Photography: Jann Doeppert

Producer: Moritz Helmes

Director: Paul Phillipp

Sales Agent: Filippo Bonacci

Editor: Robert Stuprich

The film is shown in the following programs

30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and fall of the Wall

Surveillance & Control

05.11.19, 20:00h, Stasi-Zentrale

07.11.19, 16:00h, Stasi-Zentrale