35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019

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Sim-e Sheshom

Sim-e Sheshom

The Sixth String

Gholamreza (Bahram) Azimi // Iran // 2019 // 14:33 min


On the verge of giving up on composing music, a musican happens to coincidentally come across a source of inspiration so simple, but eventually lead up to him revolutionising Iranian music.

Animation: Leila Shabani Nejad

Screenplay: Mahnaz Adeli

Producer: Gholamreza (Bahram) Azimi

Director: Gholamreza (Bahram) Azimi

Sales Agent: Mohammad Azimi

Editor: Ehsan Azimi

Sound Design: Maziar Bababashi

Sound Mixing: Kaveh Abedin

Art Design: Gholamreza (Bahram) Azimi

Special Effects: Yashar Jafarkhanpour, Sepehr Farahzadi

Text: Mahnaz Adeli

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