35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019

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Turning Ten

Turning Ten

Jaylan Auf // England, Egypt // 2018 // 12:20 min

Live Action

Shortly before her 10th birthday Nour is taken to the doctor by her parents. But why is her mother so worried?

Actor: Sara Abdulrahman, Sedky Sakhr, Mariam Tamer

Screenplay: Jaylan Auf

Director of Photography: Mostafa ElSheshtawy

Score: Ahmed ElSawy

Producer: Houda Echouafni, Houssam ElSokkari

Director: Jaylan Auf

Sales Agent: Ian Bignell

Editor: Sara Abdallah

Sound Design: Ahmed ElSawy

The film is shown in the following programs


Girls Riot - Teen Screen Guest Program

07.11.19, 18:00h, Volksbühne 3. Stock

10.11.19, 19:00h, ACUD Kino