35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019

International Competition

Berlin-Brandenburg Short Award - Ties

The film is like a Japanese Iku, leaving important space to the spectator. It shows the invisible thread of feelings, the intimate link to objects & siblings. And like the Beatles song: She is leaving home after living alone for so many years... bye bye ...

The Berlin-Brandenburg Short Award – Best Film –  with a 6000€ cash prize donated by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg – goes to Ties by Dina Velikovskaya, Germany & Russian Federation.

Best Live Action - Rakkaudella, Matti / From Matti with Love

The film is a great example how to give a full experience in form of a message in very limited time. The film grasps the viewer immediately by using the element of surprise combined with humor & sarcasm. It does not give us straight answers but raises a lot of interesting questions to think about. These are the essences of a well told film story - or a short film, as we say.

The Award for Best Live Action in the International Competition – worth 3000€ in cash, donated by 25p *cine support – goes to From Matti With Love by Jarno Lindemark, Finnland.

Best Animation - Kids

We give this award for their captivating approach to the subject of violence, isolation and chaos, the accurate manage of the rhythm, humor and the minimalistic visual resources to depict the organic stream of struggling kids.

The Award for Best Animation in the International Competition – with a 3000€ cash prize sponsored by SAE Institute - goes to Kids by Michael Frei, Switzerland.

Best Cinematography - Ashmina

A film director without a director of photography is like a camera without a lens. A great lens allows to capture the best images a good director of photography visualizes those images according to the director’s vision towards perfection. This technical yet creative process requires a strong bond between these two artists. The winning film is a great example of this bond that, as a result, makes us not forget the heroine’s story and reflect on her situation.

The Award for Best Cinematography in the International Competition, comes with a prize of post production valued at 5000€, donated by D-Facto Motion, goes to Ashmina by Dekel Berenson, England & Nepal.

Best Sound Design - Hurlevent / Windshriek

We give this award to a beautiful short film that describes the idiomatic conflict of our world through typographic elements, managing to grant them of with a unique personality and organic qualities, as well as generating a powerful atmosphere, thanks to the flawless handling of sound.

The Award in the International Competition for Best Sound Design – with the prize of an Ableton Live 10 Suite, valued at 600€, donated by Ableton, goes to Windshriek by Frédéric Doazan, France.

Honorary Mentions in the International Competition

Tithes & Offering

In an unpretentious way this films tells a big story about the fragile balance of truth, lies - and what ever lies in between. With great acting, beautiful pictures, a funny approach, a warmth for it's characters  and the bravery to play god this film got stuck in our heads. A special Mention goes to Tithes & Offering.

Tienminutengesprek / School's out

Hilarious, intelligent and up to date. With a clever sounddesign, a well thought camera concept, strong editing and perfect acting this film shows what a great comedy can look like. A Special Mention goes to
School's out.

Confrontations Competition

1st Prize - TATTOO

An outstanding film that makes the viewer experience and feel how the grip of oppressive systems trickles down to the lowest levels of administration, affecting in particular alleged non-conformist members of society. The viewer is thrown into a trivial everyday situation everyone can relate to. But through unsettling camera angles we witness how this situation becomes a humiliating tribunal for the protagonist exposing ruthless power structures corrupting and alienating society and leaving the viewer with a feeling of helpless anger. The 1st prize in the Confrontations Competition - Human Rights Films worth 2.000,- € by the Federal Agency for Civic Education goes to Tattoo by Farhad Delaram, Iran.

2nd prize - The Ostrich Politic

To a film turning animal behavior into a beautiful metaphor of trends we see in many societies of today’s world. Enlightenment, progress, bravery and open-mindedness are questioned by the fear of change, scientific evidence is ignored and leaders eventually give in to preserve social cohesion or their own power. This animation film captures these worrisome developments in dystopian images with a fine sense of humor and presents the viewer with a world in which tradition is a grotesque substitute of liberal identity. The jury awards the 2nd prize in the Confrontations Competition - Human Rights Films worth 1.000,- € by the Federal Agency for Civic Education goes to The Ostrich Politic by Mohamad Houhou.

Honorary mentions in the Confrontations Competition - Human Rights Films

Counterfeit Kunkoo

The jury did not want to leave this film unmentioned. It gives a clear idea how tradition and ancient customs oppress women in many countries forcing them into a courageous yet desperate journey of survival because without men they are not intended to exist in society. Against all odds this journey is also liberating for the protagonist, creating for the first time a feeling of self-consciousness. A Special Mention goes to Counterfeit Kunkoo by Reema Sengupta, India.

Gun Shop

The jury was impressed by the simple and brilliant idea of this film. In this very short piece with impressive but reduced imagery, the filmmaker succeeds in making the scale and absurdity of gun obsession in the US tangible. A Special Mention goes to Gun Shop by Patrick Smith, USA.


German Competition

1st prize - Gerichtszeichner / Court Sketch Artist

Aktueller und brennender könnte das Thema nicht sein. Kompromiss- und schonungsloser nicht erzählt werden. Die Hauptfigur kommt selbst dem Entgleiten der Ereignisse nicht hinterher, die er versucht in Zeichnungen einzufangen. Für sein lebendiges Gemälde über Korrumpierung von Gesellschaft durch einen charismatischen Wahnsinnigen, und "the terrifying portrait of a society willing to be enchanted", geben wir den 1. Preis im Deutschen Wettbewerb an Gerichtszeichner, von Jochen Kuhn, Deutschland, gesponsort von D-Facto Motion im Wert von 5.000,- € Postproduktion.

The subject matter treated here could not be more relevant or of-the-moment, the story couldn’t be more uncompromising or unflinching. The main character struggles to keep up as the events that he is attempting to capture in drawings spiral out of control. For delivering a living tableau on the corruption of society by a charismatic madman and the terrifying portrait of a society willing to be enchanted, we have chosen to award 1st prize in the German Competition to Jochen Kuhn’s Gerichtszeichner Court Sketch Artist, by Jochen Kuhn, Germany, sponsored by D-Fatco Motion worth 5.000,- € postproduction.

2nd Prize - Portrait of Suzanne

Unfähig sich selbst zu lieben, verweigert er sich dem Essen, um über seinen Verlust hinwegzukommen. Von der Qual sich zu lösen und selbst wiederzufinden erzählt die Filmemacherin mit Hingabe und unverwechselbarer Handschrift. Der 2. Preis im Deutschen Wettbewerb im Wert von 1.000,- €  von Spindler & Klatt geht an Portrait of Suszanne von Izabela Plucińska, Deutschland, Frankreich, Polen.

Incapable of loving himself, he refuses to eat in an attempt to get over his loss. With great devotion and a distinctive voice, the filmmaker depicts the agony of letting go and finding one’s self again. The 2nd prize in the German Competition worth 1.000,- €  by Spindler & Klatt goes to Portrait of Suzanne by Izabela Plucińska, Germany, France, Poland .

3rd Prize - Fun Factory

In einer bunten, lauten, von Kindern dominierten Spielewelt, brechen gesellschaftliche Klischees und Vorurteile aus. Für ihre präzise beobachtete, leidenschaftliche und pointierte Erzählung geben wir den 3. Preis im Deutschen Wettbewerb im Wert von 2.500,- € Film Equipment rental by 25p cine support an Lisa Brooke Hansen und Even Hafnor für Ihren Film Fun Factory, Norwegen, Deutschland.

In a colorful, loud play world dominated by children, prejudices and social clichés are subverted. For their precisely observed, passionate and pointed narrative, we have chosen to award the 3rd prize in the German Competition worth 2.500,- € Film Equipment rental by 25p cine support to Lisa Brooke Hansen and Even Hafnor for their film Fun Factory, Norway, Germany.

FBW-Sonderpreis zur Förderung des besonderen Kurzfilms / Kinderkurzfilms - Nest

In atemberaubendem Rhythmus und leuchtenden Farben, erleben wir das Balzverhalten eines Paradiesvogels. Für Ihren bezaubernden Musikfilm vergeben wir den FBW-Preis im Deutschen Wettbewerb an Sonja Rohleder, Deutschland für Nest, auf das noch viele Filme folgen.

With a breath-taking rhythm and radiant colors, we experience the mating ritual of a bird of paradise. For her captivating music film, we are pleased to award the FBW Prize in the German Competition to Sonja Rohleder, Germany, for Nest, and look forward to many films to come from this talented filmmaker.

Honorary Mention - Blieschow


Atmosphärisch dicht und mit großer Zuneigung erzählt der Film, wie das Leben auf dem Land den Stadtjungen überwältigt und aus Rivalen Freunde werden. Blieschow von Christoph Sarow, Deutschland, erhält unsere lobende Erwähnung.

Full of atmosphere and affection, this film relates how life out in the country overwhelms the city boy protagonists, making friends of former rivals. Our Special Mention goes to Blieschow by Christoph Sarow, Germany.

Documentary Competition

Best Documentary - Crannog

A young woman withdraws from the modern world to find peace and sense on a very basic human level. Intimately shot, artfully realized, and sensitively told, this film is not only a powerful story of a non-conformist woman, but also a simple, and most honest work about life and death itself, and a journey that stays with you long after the film ends. The award for Best Documentary worth 1.000,- € by fritz-kola goes to Crannog by Isa Rao, Scotland.

Honorary Mention in the Documentary Competition - And It Was The Same With My Son

And It Was The Same With My Son

The touching story of a mother who has lost her son. The film portrays her deep grief with a strong visual atmosphere. The director develops a formal experiment into a powerful artistic work, breaking down the limits of classical storytelling. The Honorary Mention goes to And It Was The Same With My Son by Noemi Varga, England.