35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019


Opening night: November 5 at Volksbühne and several major events. This is where you will find out about everything that happens at interfilm, even beyond the cinema! From Sound & Vision to Parties to Award Ceremony to Winning Films ...

International Competition

The International Competition forms the heart of our festival. More than 6000 entries are assembled into 10 programs bursting with the gems gleaned from the international short film making scene. Animation at the highest level, excellence in cinematic storytelling and 3 programs dedicated to human rights topics.

Documentary Competition

Remote worlds, foreign perspectives, alternative views: The documentary film can mediate and build bridges where alleged deep trenches lie. In three programs, this competition offers an overview of contemporary documentary filmmaking, because ultimately, reality tells the most gripping, funniest and fascinating stories of all.

German Competition

German short film oscillates between excessive gestures and modest films, big budgets, film schools and radical DIY projects. Although the scene has frequently been proclaimed dead, it most defintely is alive, kicking and more creative than ever. Four programs present a stunning selection of German film production with an unparalleled variety of themes.

Green Film Competition

The earth is on the verge of ecological collapse - high time to process the subject cinematically! The Green Film Competition at interfilm was launched under this motto in 2010. Films that raise the alarm, with wit and charm as much as with the megaphone.

eject _XXII - The long night of weird shorts

There are always a few wild cards among the 6000 festival entries interfilm receives each year. The question is what to do with the extraordinary films that don’t fit anywhere else? Why, Eject, of course! The excessive competition for the quirkiest and weirdest films of the year.

Focus On

The Focus On section has a long tradition at interfilm. This years spotlight: Spain! Through the eyes of the most exciting directors from recent years, we illuminate the country, its people, life and spirit. Furthermore, we also address the metropolis of Amsterdam, take a closer look at Venezuela and showcase short films about the Sinti and Roma people.

Spezial programs

Berlin stories, Arab perspectives, Chinese talents and loads of short films: As always, our special programs assemble a colourful potpourri of highly diverse styles, worlds and stories. From robots and nightmares to queer identity and cycling as a way of life, everything the short film enthusiast desires is represented here.

Extended Vision

Film has long since ceased to be film as we know it: digital cameras, 3D, VR, AR - new techniques generate new stories and innovative approaches to visual perception. EXTENDED VISION gathers the emerging faces of new filmmaking in one section and dares to venture into the future.

European Short Film Audience Award

In April of this year, 10 European short film festivals collectively launched the European Short Film Audience Award. Each festival nominates a local film as the winner in their respective national competition and ultimately, all films compete against each other to be awarded Best European Film of the Year. And most importantly: the jury is you!


Open your eyes! Our online competition highlights the burning issues facing the world today. With social and ecological concerns at the forefront, these films are in the running and everyone* is welcome to take part! Just watch and vote.

30-Year Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall

Of life with and without walls, of inter-German sensitivities, and global entanglements: in six entertaining and challenging international short film programs, interfilm Berlin and Kulturprojekte Berlin present the complex realities situated between state power, liberation, and everyday life.


With its diverse supporting program, the festival once again offers a platform for exchange between international guests, filmmakers, trade visitors and the audience: master classes, film talks, panels, interactive sessions, Meet & Greet events as well as the international script competition Script Pitch encourage discussion, interaction and encounter.

Script Pitch

All great films start with a great screenplay! For 7 years now, the interfilm Script Pitch has been inviting the authors of innovative short films to Berlin ...