35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019


DOC 01 Being Human

"The dignity of man is inviolable" one reads again and again on the occasion of the anniversary of the Basic Law. All too often, discrimination and hatred in everyday life show how threatened this ultimate self-evidence is. In order to free human fates from the ocean of empty political phrases and cold statistics, the special aspect of being human can be emphasized in these short films. A piece of humanity can be regained by confronting people and their hope with abstract problems.

06.11.19, 17:00h, Babylon 2

09.11.19, 18:00h, Rollberg Kino

10.11.19, 22:00h, Babylon 3

Being Human
Being Human


Kindly presented in cooperation with: der Freitag

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