35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019


FT 02 Focus On: Spain and Venezuela Special

Venezuela is mired in a deep financial and humanitarian crisis. Every year, a million of its citizens emigrate. According to UN figures, they are among the largest displaced populations in the world. These refugees include artists and filmmakers who have resettled to Columbia and Spain. In the scope of the festival’s country focus, filmmakers from these regions will discuss the current political and social situation, migration, and of course making films in Venezuela, which is, in spite of everything, still possible and necessary, thanks in no small part to the engagement demonstrated by directors and the Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía (CENAC).

The film talk is led by Marina Díaz-López of the Instituto Cervantes Madrid.

In cooperation with Instituto Cervantes.

Free entry / Due to limited capacity please register via interforum@interfilm.de.
All events will we held in English.

08.11.19, 19:00h, Instituto Cervantes

Focus On: Spain and Venezuela Special