35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019


SP 14 Supporting Film Contest

Back in the day it used to be a tradition, until profit-over-art became the rule and viewers were forced to endure annoyingly coy advertisements in cancer-causing doses – often with clenched fists – instead of one or more short films before the main attraction. Sometimes it’s even worth letting a train or two go by so you can flop down in your seat 15 minutes “late”. Well, it’s time for a change, or at least that’s what the distribution arm of Interfilm Berlin (a nation-wide advocate for opening films) thought: why not let the audience decide in the scope of a supporting film test which five-to-seven-minute films they’d like to see before the main film? Why not drum up more support for the supporters?

08.11.19, 18:00h, Babylon 3

Supporting Film Contest
15 films