35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019

EV 02 - Sound & Vision

Katalog - Samples, Drums and Synthies - Film: "Passage"
Josip Duvnjak & Maja von Franqué - Piano with four hands - Film: "Facing it"
Hard Hob & Heinz Hermanns - Elektro & Live Instruments - "Hurlevent"
Hannah Vogt & Jack Pescod - Violin and Piano - Film "Animistica"
Jacek Lachowicz & Robert Kretzschmar - Film: "Brick and Mortar"
Susie Asado & Marko Hefele - Vocals, Ukulele and Violin - Film: "L'Inverno"
Equals - Drums, Gitarre and Synthies - Film: "Bavure"
Klangschneider - Samples and Sounds - Film: "Unfold"
Joe Masi - Musician/Komposer - Film: "Intermission Expedition" 


EV 02 Sound & Vision

If you’re having visions, you ought to consult a physician – or head to Interfilm. Nowhere else can you experience delirious visuals by filmmakers from all around the world set to the sounds of Berlin-based music savants, all melded live on stage into a one-of-a-kind format. SOUND & VISION is true and unique concert cinema, more beneficial to your health than many a visit to the doctor.

09.11.19, 21:00h, Volksbühne

Sound & Vision
9 films