KUKI for Schools

Please make use of the informative educational material accompanying each KUKI film program (except the two 16+ Riot! programs) to use either before for after your visit to the KUKI Festival with your school class.

KUKI im Verleih

Ein Jahr warten bis wieder KUKI Zeit ist? Muss nicht sein! Der interfilm Verleih bietet drei Kurzfilmprogramme an. Ab 4, ab 7 und ab 12 Jahren!

Seats for Kids!

Support our "Sponsor a Seat" by donating €100 to invite 30 kids to the KUKI Festival!


About the Festival

KUKI believes in short film!

While feature films often conform to a formula, the short form readily finds new ways to tell multi-faceted and daring stories...

Environmental Program for ages 8+

The lively heroines and heroes collected here aren’t shy about protecting the environment...

Girls' Riot!

See what happens when a group of young women get to work with eminent feminist filmmakers and lecturers and select the films for a program according to their own standards and ideals!

Kindergarten Program (4+ Competition)

Throughout the seasons we observe tadpoles grow, learn insect-language from a colourful community and find out what happens when blue is mixed with yellow...

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