KUKI 11 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin 2018 - Films

Der Gemuesegarten meines Vaters

Der Gemuesegarten meines Vaters

My father's vegetable garden

Daniela Trocker // Italy // 2017 // 08:00 min


A harmonious and flourishing garden is only possible when certain plants are situated alongside other plants they like! But watch out, snails like vegetables too!

Animation: Daniela Trocker

Screenplay: Daniela Trocker

Director of Photography: Daniela Trocker

Score: Jörg Zemm(l)er

Producer: Daniela Trocker

Director: Daniela Trocker

Sales Agent: Daniela Trocker

Editor: Daniela Trocker

Sound Design: Jörg Zemm(l)er

Sound Mixing: Jörg Zemm(l)er

Voice Over: Jörg Zemm(l)er

Art Design: Daniela Trocker

Special Effects: Daniela Trocker

Sound Editing: Jörg Zemm(l)er

Text: Jörg Zemm(l)er

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