KUKI 11 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin 2018 - Films



Abel Ringot // Belgium, France // 2017 // 11:30 min

Animation, Live Action

Alice is an animation artist and tells the curious paper cut-out Manolo about the secrets of her art. Inspired, Manolo sets off to experience his very own story.

Animation: Abel Ringot, Marie Lechevallier, Luisa Taouri

Screenplay: Abel Ringot

Score: Constant Sajaloli

Producer: Jean-Luc Slock, Daphné Courbot-Petit, Barbara Vougnon

Director: Abel Ringot

Sales Agent: Dimitri Kimplaire

Editor: Abel Ringot, Frédéric Chameau

Voice Over: Abel Ringot, Agathe Guichard, Armand Herbelin, Dominique Ringot

Art Design: Justine Vuylsteker

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