KUKI 11 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin 2018 - Films



Wake up!

Felicia Sundberg // Sweden // 2018 // 06:02 min

Live Action

It's early in the morning and Sabina is ready to start the day. Her mama on the other hand, is fast asleep and seems sure to miss Sabina's party with loud singing and dancing - not to mention sweets before breakfast!

Actor: Agnes Fred

Screenplay: Felicia Sundberg

Director of Photography: Amelie Mattisson Chue

Producer: Felicia Sundberg

Director: Felicia Sundberg

Sales Agent: Felicia Sundberg

Editor: Felicia Sundberg

Sound Design: Nellie Lexfors

Sound Mixing: Tova Nyberg

Sound Editing: Tova Nyberg

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