KUKI 11 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin 2018 - Films

Zara og dei: Gorillahjerne til middag

Zara og dei: Gorillahjerne til middag

Zara and the others: Gorilla brains for dinner

Nils Johan Lund / Bjørn Sortland // Norway // 2017 // 07:21 min


Are Zara and her family really zombies? They live in a caravan and often have bloody noses. Because of the spooky rumours about her family, friends are never allowed to visit and can’t try her mum’s yummy cooking.

Animation: Nils Johan Lund

Score: Thomas Haugland

Producer: Bjørn Sortland

Director: Nils Johan Lund, Bjørn Sortland

Sales Agent: Bjørn Sortland

Editor: Nils Johan Lund

Sound Design: Thomas Haugland

Voice Over: Hanna Andenes

Art Design: Elisabeth Moseng

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