Marjo Kovanen

Marjo Kovanen was born and lives in Finland and works as a senior adviser at Koulukino – Skolbio (School Cinema Association). Kovanen’s expertise is focused on film literacy and audience development, especially related to children´s film.
Kovanen is also a doctoral student at the University of Tampere (Department of Communication, Media and Theatre) where her field of interest is film education and children´s film.

Lukas Klung

has been collecting experience in acting, editing and film in general for several years now in a variety of ways. He draws inspiration from the most diverse genres and stories and his career path is still a wide open road. There are just two things he never wants to do again: offer educational media projects and produce a film with the sole objective of winning a competition.

Rochus Wolff

is a film critic, father and feminist, not always necessarily in that order. Above all, he writes about children's film, genre cinema and gender relations in film and society. What he is most annoyed by: when children's films are not taken seriously. He puts up resistance with his blog Rochus’ book "33 beste Kinderfilme" will be published this winter.