KUKI 11 - International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin 2018 - Film Curation Workshop

Film Curation Workshop

For the Competition Programs for ages 12+ & 14+

Who better to select films for teenagers than teenagers themselves?!

Every year in the summer holidays, the KUKI Festival invites around 20 teenagers to join their team of curators. In a week-long workshop, two teams watch and discuss festival entries and choose the films for the 12+ and 14+ competition programs and the order in which they will be shown.

Criteria to be considered includes cultural/ gender / thematic diversity as well as a variety of filmmaking techniques and genres.


And this year’s resulting programs are particularly moving, imaginative and thought-provoking!

Many thanks to our TeenScreen curators in 2018:

Siri, Adrian, Friederike, Edgar, Hellen, Rocco, Alexander, Kira and John-Jack, Levi, Lea, Anna, Jonathan, Lilia, Matti, Emil, Said and Romaric! : )

Would you like to be a TeenScreen a curator in 2019? Write to us at workshop@kuki-berlin.com and we will contact you as soon as the search for new participants begins!