KUKI 12 - International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin 2019 - Girls* Riot Workshop

Curious about the workshop? To give you an idea, we would like to introduce you to the invited speakers! They will share their individual working experience in the film world with you in a variety of different ways and explore a diverse range of topics surrounding feminism and the female* identity.

Lotta Schwerk

is a young filmmaker from Berlin. Since the age of fourteen, she has made short films about pubertal ups and downs, loneliness, friendship and other loving encounters. Her films have been shown at numerous youth film festivals in Germany and Austria, where they have won a wide variety of awards. Her film "Was wir wissen" was shown at Achtung Berlin Festival ("Most Daring Short Film") and the KUKI Festival ("FBW-Award). Since graduating from high school in 2016, she has been producing independent short films with Fion Mutert and working on film sets.

Stalk her here on Instagram: @die.loewen

Pola Beck

is a writer and director. After various jobs and internships in the film industry, she spent one year in Denmark at the "European Film College" in 2003. From 2005-2011 she studied directing at Film University Babelsberg. Her feature film debut AM HIMMEL DER TAG (2012) has won several awards ( including "Best Film" at the Zurich Film Festival, Hessischer Filmpreis, Förderpreis Hofer Filmtage). Her short film KLEPTOMAMI (2017) about the absurdities of today's mommy-existence has been screened at over 65 festivals and won numerous awards. She is currently shooting DRUCK, the adaptation of the Norwegian hit series SKAM (currently on ZDFneo/funk) and is dedicated to the development of new TV and cinema projects.

Click here to watch DRUCK!

Lisa Altenpohl

works as an actress and coach. For more than 10 years she has been working in Berlin as an actress in the fields of film/theatre/improtheatre. After her training as a coach, she declared the subject of FEMALE EMPOWERMENT to be a matter of utmost importance and focus. Her work in this respect supports women in exploring and connecting with their feminine power and thereby achieving more clarity, awareness and presence.


You can find out more about her work here: www.lisa-altenpohl.com

Susanne Braun

conducted the presentation and moderation training for the Girls* Riot curators.

As a theatre and media pedagogue, she has been advising and leading artistic projects in children's, youth and adult education since 2008. She has regularly held talks with a variety of film industry professionals on the podcast Indiefilmtalk with Yugen Yah since episode 22. Susanne is also an experienced presenter at renowned film festivals including Max Ophüls Preis, achtung berlin, Filmfest Dresden and of course KUKI itself.


Tune into the Indiefilmtalk podcast here:https://indiefilmtalk.de/about/