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Program 2020

Here you can find out which films are running and when!

Praktikum bei KUKI!?

Wir bieten verschiedene Praktikumsstellen für Studierende oder in in Vorbereitung aufs Studium an, schau mal vorbei!

KUKI in Distribution

Wait a year until KUKI time again? Does not have to be! The interfilm distribution offers three short film programmes. From 4, from 7 and from 12 years!

TrickTruck in the Hood 3.0

Watch the films created during the workshops for children in the TrickTruck mobile animation studio

KUKI films in distribution

Can't wait until it's KUKI time again? The interfilm distribution has three fantastic international short film programs for ages 4+, 7+ and 12+! Educational material is available for each program and professional presenters can be booked upon request

Elder festivals

Check out our history: KUKI started many years ago!

About KUKI & the Festival

KUKI believes in short film! - While feature films often conform to a formula, the short form readily finds new ways to tell multi-faceted and daring stories...