KUKI 13 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin 8.-20. November 2020

Mein Bruder macht im Tonfilm die Geräusche

Mein Bruder macht im Tonfilm die Geräusche

My Brother Makes the Noises in the Movies

Meike Fehre // Germany // 2020 // 04:00 min


Imagine watching a movie without sound! Over 100 years ago all films were without sound and people used to make sounds and music for the film while it was playing. Grandpa Günter knows an old song about exactly that!

Animation: Vera Lalyko

Producer: Sabine Dully, Meike Fehre, Nina Paysen

Director: Meike Fehre

Sales Agent: Meike Fehre

Editor: Thomas Schmidl

Sound Design: Christian Riegel

Art Design: Sabine Dully

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