KUKI 13 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin 8.-20. November 2020

Warum Schnecken Keine Beine Haben

Warum Schnecken Keine Beine Haben

Why Slugs Have No Legs

Aline Höchli // Switzerland // 2019 // 10:44 min


Slugs have a hard time keeping up with the pace of life in the city of insects. When a financial crisis hits, the industrious bees only see one solution…

Animation: Aline Höchli, Helen Woolston, Anaïs Voirol

Screenplay: Aline Höchli

Producer: Michèle Wannaz, Marcel Derek Ramsay

Director: Aline Höchli

Sales Agent: Wouter Jansen, Marcin Łuczaj

Editor: Marcel Derek Ramsay

Sound Design: Peter Bräker

The film is shown in the following programs

TeenScreen Competition Programs for Youth

Competition Program for ages 14+

07.12.20, 00:00h, online: interfilm.de/sooner (Dec 07 - 13)