KUKI 13 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin 8.-20. November 2020




Isabelle Schapira // Belgium // 2018 // 15:21 min

Live Action

Tatiana has to say goodbye to the boy she’s not ready to leave yet. Secretly.

Actor: Jenny Carter Sean, Alain Bellot, Aloula Watel, Marie Mignon, Céline Rallet, Mélodie Louahala-Hilaire, Martin Nissen

Screenplay: Isabelle Schapira

Score: Valério Selig

Producer: Julie Esparbes

Director: Isabelle Schapira

Sales Agent: Anthony REY

Editor: Sophie Vercruysse

Sound Mixing: Aline Gavroy

Sound Editing: Valérie Le Docte

The film is shown in the following programs

TeenScreen Special Programs for Youth

Quoi De Neuf? French Language Program for ages 14+