KUKI 13 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin 2020

Chiara Fleischhacker

born in Kassel (Germany) in 1993, and raised in Erfurt, Chiara attended a sport boarding school as an 800m runner.

After her high school degree she lived in Cuba for six months. In 2012 she commenced

Psychology studies in Freiburg but left in 2014 to become a filmmaker.

While studying Film Direction at the Filmakademie BadenWürttemberg she made two short documentaries about the German prison system and an experimental short about a triathlete.

Recently she turned her focus to fiction storytelling. Two of her short fiction films, GOLDEN GIRL & WAS BLEIBT participated at numerous film festivals and won several awards. WAS BLEIBT won the KUKI Festival’s FBW award in 2019 and was also screened on ARTE that same year.

Guillaume Bazan

Takeshi Kitano and David Lynch changed Guillaume's life completely when he was 15 and he is still very grateful for that today. Thanks to these two gentlemen and above all to a few dedicated teachers at his Gymnasium, who used films as a pedagogical tool, the path after graduating from high school was easy to find: film studies and sociology, with the desire to make culture and art more accessible to people with little cultural capital. Since 2010 he has been working in Hellersdorf in the multi-generation centre " Buntes Haus " with a focus on cultural activities for children and cultural events in public spaces. This is also how the love story with KUKI began, when he was looking for great films for children for an open-air cinema event in 2018. The same year KUKI's animation workshop took place at "Buntes Haus" and in 2019 children from the multigenerational centre were the proud jury for the competition programmes from 4 and 6 years of age. Meanwhile, he was also invited to participate in the committee selection for the French language programme (still with KUKI) and as a juror for the animation programme at the Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Festival in Minsk.

Andreas Hackert

has always had an interest in film. As a youngster he knew Buster Keaton, but not Dolly Buster.
After vocational training in television and studying at the Babelsberg Academy of Film and Television, he worked in feature film production (only in organisation!), managed satellite broadcasts for the Berlinale, produced Teletubby films and began increasingly involved in media education. "Try it out instead of consuming" is his motto, to motivate children and teenagers to make films themselves. As organizer of the JIM Filmfestival Brandenburg, he also applies his filmmaking experience to the festival front.