KUKI 13 - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin - 8 - 20 November 2020

KUKI Competition Programs for Children

KUKI 04 Competition Program for Children aged 10+

The line between dream and reality is sometimes very fine. How cool would it be if you could sneeze popcorn, your brother was a toad or a tree was an internet star? While some things may remain a fantasy, we still wouldn't want to miss out on deep friendships and thrilling high-speed pursuits.

Original versions with German voice over

Social Media, Nature & Environment, Friendship, Capitalism & Social Criticism, Animals, Sports & Fun, Sibling relationships, Culture & Tradition, Gender

Religion, General Knowledge, Cultural Studies, Art, Ethics, Geography; Cross-curricular: Diversity Education, Cultural and Intercultural Education, European Education, Media Education

07.12.20, 00:00h, online: interfilm.de/sooner (Dec 07 - 13)

Wettbewerbsprogramm für Kinder ab 10 Jahren
7 films