KUKI .14 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
14. - 28. November 2021

Bertha en de wolfram

Bertha en de wolfram

Bertha and the wolfram

Tijs Torfs // Belgium // 2020 // 15:39 min

Animation, Documentary

Bertha loves to draw and uses this talent to raise money for research on Wolfram syndrome. In doing so, she faces the condition, which is slowly causing her to go blind.

Animation: penelope deltour

Actor: Bertha Goovaerts

Screenplay: Tijs Torfs

Director of Photography: Dries Vanderaerden, Tijs Torfs

Score: Dave Martyn

Producer: Jurgen Buedts

Director: Tijs Torfs

Sales Agent: Tijs Torfs

Editor: Lawrence Paul foley

Sound Mixing: Levi Mercurio

Sound Editing: Levi Mercurio

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