KUKI .14 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
14. - 28. November 2021

Kindernachrichten "Neukölln News" - Wie funktioniert Demokratie?

Kindernachrichten "Neukölln News" - Wie funktioniert Demokratie?

Christian Schneider / Christian Hörr / Kinder und Jugendliche / Ana Maria / Nazah / Corna / Deniz / Lilyan / Rahela / Eva / Miriam / Andrea / Marta / Kassem / Hussein / Lamis / Gülbahar / Georgie / Beni / Solomon / Elisabeth / Birsen / Iosiv // Germany // 2021 // 05:30 min


Imagine all the things you could find out with a time machine, like where the idea of "democracy" actually comes from. Here, a team of child reporters also explain other forms of government in a clear and entertaining way. The film was shot and produced by children and teenagers as part of the project, "Movies in Motion - mit Film bewegen".

Producer: Christian Hörr

Director: Christian Schneider, Christian Hörr, Kinder und Jugendliche, Ana Maria, Nazah, Corna, Deniz, Lilyan, Rahela, Eva, Miriam, Andrea, Marta, Kassem, Hussein, Lamis, Gülbahar, Georgie, Beni, Solomon, Elisabeth, Birsen, Iosiv

Sales Agent: Christian Hörr

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