KUKI .14 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
14. - 28. November 2021

Nablyudenie za tihohodkami

Nablyudenie za tihohodkami

Observing the Tardigrades

Sofia Silkina // Russia // 2020 // 04:00 min

Animation, Documentary

What new hobbies did you explore during Lockdown? The 10-year-old heroine of this film was given a microscope and made a truly thrilling discovery!

Animation: Sofia Silkina

Actor: Kira Melnikova, Vera Silkina, Sofia Silkina

Screenplay: Sofia Silkina, Kira Melnikova

Score: Artem Gorbolskiy

Producer: Sofia Silkina

Director: Sofia Silkina

Sales Agent: Hanna Mironenko

Editor: Sofia Silkina

Art Design: Sofia Silkina

Sound Editing: Artem Gorbolskiy

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