KUKI .14 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
14. - 28. November 2021

Wellen aus Licht

Wellen aus Licht

Dear Darkness

Samuel N. Schwarz // Germany // 2019 // 15:00 min


Although Frida's vision is almost completely impaired, that is hardly a problem for her. Her other senses are exceptionally keen and allow her to perceive many things that others might miss.

Animation: Emilia Zieser, Sophie Kalinowsky

Director of Photography: Sophia Fenn

Score: Richard Meyer

Producer: Hannah Liebrenz, Paula Ziemke

Director: Samuel N. Schwarz

Sales Agent: Cristina Marx

Editor: Armano Forster

Sound Design: Larissa Kischk

Sound Mixing: Larissa Kischk

Sound Editing: Larissa Kischk

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