KUKI .14 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
14. - 28. November 2021

An exciting new project for film education and civic education in the classroom.
"KUKI in the Classroom" is a online platform for secondary schools, providing stimulating short films and educational material for schools all over Germany throughout the year.

Don't want to miss the platform launch? Register at info@kuki-berlin.com for more information.

Scheduled to launch in April 2022, the online platform will start with 18 international, contemporary short films (each approx. 5-20 min. long). Each film will be accompanied by educational material for teachers and students focusing on both film education and civic education. In addition, we will offer pre-recorded talks with the respective filmmakers for all films.

The annual subscription of 200 euros per school allows unlimited access to the platform for all their teachers.

The film selection includes animations, documentaries, live-action fiction films and experimental film formats.
All films are offered in original language versions with German voice-overs or German and (in some cases intralingual) subtitles. Thematically the films address: Democratic values, environmentalism, gender, identity, community, diverse representation and foreign languages.

By showing engaging and empathetic films, we want to encourage the cinema audience of tomorrow to think critically and to perceive themselves as part of a vibrant democratic society.

The KUKI in the Classroom project is organised by KUKI Festival Berlin, interfilm Berlin GmbH & Bewegliche Ziele e.V. and was able to come into being thanks to the one-time funding from KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN.


As soon as the platform is ready, you will be redirected here.