KUKI .14 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
14. - 28. November 2021

KUKI Programs for Children



Sometimes we feel so secure in the company of our friends and family that it allows us to dream big, experience adventures in nature and even under the kitchen table. We believe in ourselves, get to know new things, share our breakfast and look forward to the first snow!

Themes: Friendship, Sharing, Community, Solidarity, Neighbourhood, Fun, Dreams, Family, Adventure, Animals, Nature, Music, Seasons, Work, Food, Imagination, Travelling

14.11.21, 00:00h, Schulscreening (14. - 28.11.) - Online Buchbar

20.11.21, 11:00h, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain Kino 1

KUKI ab 4
KUKI ab 4

Pädagogisches Begleitmaterial KUKI ab 4

Das Begleitmaterial dient der Vor- und Nachbereitung der Filme in der Kita. Hier klicken zum Download.

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