KUKI .14 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
14. - 28. November 2021

KUKI Programs for Children

KUKI 06 Environmental Program 8+


What can we do for our Planet Earth and how can we counteract climate change? In a moving and motivating way, we see here how environmental pollution affects the everyday lives of many people, what issues moved children even 30 years ago and how we can do something for the environment ourselves. Let's preserve the diversity of the animal kingdom and the great beauty of nature!

Topics: Nature & environment, activism, Fridays for Future, cruise ships, tourism, landfills, music, hope, animal welfare, school, sustainability, generations.

Subjects: Biology, Politics, Civic Education, Geography, Music, Ethics

14.11.21, 00:00h, Schulscreening (14. - 28.11.) - Online Buchbar

Umweltprogramm ab 8
Umweltprogramm ab 8

Pädagogisches Begleitmaterial Umweltprogramm ab 8

Das Begleitmaterial dient der Vor- und Nachbereitung der Filme in der Schule. Hier klicken zum Download.

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