KUKI Workshops for Teens!

Participate in our summer vacation workshops and decide on the films for TeenScreen and Girls* Riot!

Submit films

Extended deadline until 9 May 2022: submit your short films for KUKI 15!

Kurzfilm im Klassenraum

An exciting new project for film education & civic education in the classroom!


We offer various internships for students or in preparation for university, check us out!

The festival program 2021

Competitions and programs 2021 - that was KUKI 14!

KUKI 14 Trailer

KUKI Award Ceremony 2021

Interfilm & KUKI Team 2021


We are therefore looking for supporters for our campaign "KUKI Soli-Tickets".

Jobs @ KUKI

Become part of the KUKI team and prepare the festival!

KUKI in Distribution

Wait a year until KUKI time again? Does not have to be! The interfilm distribution offers three short film programmes. From 4, from 7 and from 12 years!

Older festivals

Check out our history: KUKI started many years ago!