KUKI .15 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
13 - 20 November 2022

Vigurivänt Volli

Vigurivänt Volli

Troublemaker Tommy

Pauline Heidmets / Rao Heidmets // Estonia // 2021 // 15:34 min


Tommy‘s active curiosity often leads to lots of trouble. Luckily his sister is equally talented at fixing things. But on the family trip to this whacky zoo, they outshine everyone in mastering the chaos.

Animation: Triin Sarapik-Kivi, Märt Kivi

Producer: Kerdi Oengo-Kuusik

Director: Pauline Heidmets, Rao Heidmets

Sales Agent: Kerdi Oengo-Kuusik

Script: Rao Heidmets

Sound Design: Joonas Taimla

Sound Mixing: Tiina Andreas

Voice Over: Elina Purde, Jarmo Reha

Art Design: Karin Ojaste

Director of Photography: Ragnar Neljandi

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