KUKI .15 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
13 - 20 November 2022

La Niña y el Tsunami

La Niña y el Tsunami

Tsunami Girl

Leo Campasso / Carlos Balseiro / Antonio Balseiro // Argentina // 2022 // 06:36 min

Animation, Live Action

February 2010. On a remote Chilean island in the Pacific Ocean called Juan Fernandez, everyone slept in town. But a 12-year-old girl felt a tremor and warned of imminent danger.

Producer: Felicitas Soldi

Director: Leo Campasso, Carlos Balseiro, Antonio Balseiro

Sales Agent: Sol Rulloni

The film is shown in the following programs

TeenScreen Programs for Youth

¿Qué Onda? Spanish Language Program 14+

14.11.22, 12:00h, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain Kino 1

16.11.22, 10:00h, City Kino Wedding

17.11.22, 13:00h, City Kino Wedding

18.11.22, 10:30h, City Kino Wedding