KUKI .15 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
13 - 20 November 2022

KUKI Programs for Children

KUKI 05 Watch The World- Documentary Competition 10+

Come on a fun and informative trip around the world to see what life is like for these children growing up in highly diverse circumstances and settings in England, USA, Russia, Brazil and Israel and how they master various existential challenges. A programme that demonstrates how documentary film styles can be as different as their charismatic subjects.

Themes: Rural life, work, future plans, poverty, technology, coding, solidarity, empowerment, prison, skateboarding, friendship and community, generational conflict.

14.11.22, 10:00h, Zeiss-Großplanetarium Kino

16.11.22, 09:30h, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain Kino 1

17.11.22, 10:00h, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain Kino 1

19.11.22, 14:30h, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain Kino 1

Schau auf die Welt- Dokumentarfilmwettbewerb ab 10