KUKI .15 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
13 - 20 November 2022


EV 03 Showcase "Kurzfilm im Klassenraum"

Kurzfilm im Klassenraum (Short Film in the Classroom) is an online platform for secondary schools that offers innovative learning modules for film and democracy education. Instructive, entertaining and easy to use, the platform presents a diverse package of 18 award-winning international short films, accompanying materials, in-depth modules, PowerPoint presentations and interviews with the filmmakers. In the presentation, Stefan Labenz (teacher, head of the modern languages department and author) and Pia Djukic (art and German teacher, animator and director of the Festival of Animation Berlin), who were involved in the creation of the teaching materials, provide insights into the conception and possible applications of the films and materials available on the platform. - https://kurzfilm-im-klassenraum.de/

This event will be held in German only. Please register via interforum@interfilm.de and mention the name of the event you would like to attend.

18.11.22, 16:00h, Pfefferberg Haus 13

Showcase "Kurzfilm im Klassenraum"