KUKI .16 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
12 - 19 November 2023

Wat zit er in die kist?

Wat zit er in die kist?

What's inside that crate?

Bram Algoed / Pieter Gaudesaboos // Belgium // 2023 // 09:27 min


A huge parcel is being dispatched. We follow it on its long journey around the world and try and guess what might be packed inside the ever-shrinking box.

Animation: Jeroen Ceulebrouck, Eno Swinnen, William Lebrun

Producer: Brecht Van Elslande

Director: Bram Algoed, Pieter Gaudesaboos

Sales Agent: Brecht Van Elslande

Editor: Bram Algoed

Sound Design: David Kamp

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