KUKI .16 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
12 - 19 November 2023



Coralie Lavergne // France // 2023 // 18:00 min

Live Action

When Grandpa Siad from Algeria visits his family in France, he does not know how determined his daughter is to hide her roots, even from her own daughter.

Actor: Lounès Tazaïrt, Romane Libert, Antonia Buresi

Producer: Lucile Ric, Charles Philippe

Director: Coralie Lavergne

Sales Agent: Charles Philippe

Editor: Adrien Léongue

Script: Coralie Lavergne

Sound Mixing: Nathan Robert

Sound Editing: Dimitri Kharitonnoff, Florent Castellani

Director of Photography: Vincent Amor, Vadim Alsayed

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