KUKI .16 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
12 - 19 November 2023

Here you can find general information about all our programs that we present during the festival!


  • Kindergarten programs (for ages 4 +) last a maximum of 90 minutes (including fun games and film talks).

  • Programs for school classes last a maximum of 120 minutes (including film talks)

  • All films shown in their original language; programs for children under 12 years provided with German voice-over

  • Programs for youth 12 years and older shown in original language with German and English subtitles

  • Educational material available on the website to accompany each program for preparation and follow-up in the classroom

  • Film talks with presenters and attending filmmakers

Competition programs for the age groups 4+, 6+, 8+, 10+, 12+ and 14+

  • The most outstanding short films currently showcased at international festivals

  • Diverse topics within the individual programs

  • Different film forms, aesthetic styles, techniques

Foreign language programs in English, French & Spanish

  • For foreign language students aged 14+ (Grades 9-13)

  • Films shown in original language with intralingual subtitles (same language)

  • Dialogue lists to work with pre- or post-screening

  • Entertaining films with topical themes relevant to youth

Environmental program for ages 8+

  •  Inspiring and informative films that explore various topics and challenges relating to nature and protecting the environment

"Watch the World" - Documentary competition for ages 10+

  • Shows the lives and realities of children in different countries and situations

  • Audience competition (audience votes are collected after every screening of this program)

Teenage Riot

  • Engaging film styles and themes for older teens

  • Also screens at evening sessions at interfilm Berlin for everyone aged 16+

Girls* Riot

  • Films selected by 15-19-year-old girls during a one-week workshop

  • Topics they find moving and significant in relation to intersectional feminism, authentic representation, and solidarity.

  • Also screens at evening sessions at interfilm Berlin for everyone aged 16+