KUKI .16 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
12 - 19 November 2023

CONFETTI FOR ALL! is the celebratory title that describes the spirit behind the body of workshops KUKI offers. Diversity, fun and the power of being a self confident individual in a group – these are the things that the KUKI confetti metaphor stands for. In all our workshops throughout the year and during the festival, we wish to reach and include children and teenagers from all kinds of backgrounds, while highlighting the breadth and richness of European and international film culture. Inspiring young people to think critically and find creative and direct ways to participate in society, is the main aim behind the various workshops and festival screenings.

TeenScreen Curation Workshop 1 (12-14-year olds): 05-07 August 2024
TeenScreen Curation Workshop 2 (14-17-year olds): 12-14 August 2024

Girls* Riot Workshop (15-19-year old Girls*): 19-23 August 2024
(The Girls* Riot workshop is for anyone who identifies as a girl)

Girls* Riot Workshop

A 5-day workshop for girls aged 15-19 on female identity, media representation, feminism, beauty ideals, stereotypes, bodies, sexuality and anything else the participants themselves find interesting and important. Exciting, informative and encouraging lectures with inspiring mentors & current international short films. After days of film viewing and discussion, the girls curate a short film program that they present in person at the KUKI and interfilm Festival.


TeenScreen Workshop

The best experts for children and youth films, are of course children and youth!

Every year, KUKI holds a workshop for 12-17-year-olds to select the films for the two TeenScreen competition programs, 12+ and 14+.

KUKI curation workshops are free, well-catered, fun and empowering.